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UPA Supercar Project - Lotus Esprit S4

Early this year (2012), I have travelled to Taiwan for 10 days holiday, during the holiday - I have purchased a 1996 Lotus Esprit S4 which was for sale in Taiwan, this is only 1 of 3 Lotus Esprit S4 which been made in 1996 and those three are all in Taiwan.  This Lotus esprit S4 only done 12096km (7560miles) during last 12 years, 1 ownership, however it has not been used for few years, due to some leaking problems.  This section will be showing all the process from when the car was in Taiwan to U.K, faults finding and finally fully recondition back to 90's supercar showroom condition.

23/02/2012 Lotus Esprit S4 was on the way to the port, ready for shipping from Taiwan.

03/04/2012 Lotus Esprit S4 has fianlly arrived to Southampton U.K in the container.

With only (12096 km) 7560 miles on the clock and nearly half tank of fuel.

Off loaded from the container and waiting for delivery to Nottingham next week.

11/04/12 after many weeks waiting, Lotus Esprit S4 has finally arrived to Nottingham.

Park on the UPAUTO drive way, now all the preparation work process can be started.

Due to lack of use, engine bay is covered with all the dirts, oils and carbons.

14/04/2012 Fuel leaking problem found - fuel breath pipe has cracked in few sections.

Removed the boot carpet and panel for close inspection, degrease and clean.

Fully dgreased, washed and cleaned the gearbox and rear top chassis.

16/04/12 Removed intake pipes, manifold, fuel rail and throttle body.

All the removed parts are waiting for degrease and clean.

Faulty intake manifold core plug has caused rust and coolant leak.

Removed air condition pump and alternator pump.

18/04/12 Chargecooler, intake manifold and throttle body have all been cleaned.

20/04/12 Fully degreased, washed and cleaned the engine.

Carbon fibre vinyl wrapped on the starter motor.

22/04/12 Fully degreased, washed and cleaned underneath of rear chassis (Left).

Fully degreased, washed and cleaned underneath of rear chassis (Right).

02/05/12 Cleaned and de gasketed for intake manifold flange.

Cleaned and de gasketed for intake manifold throttle body flange.

Cleaned and removed the old rusty core plug.

New 1st core plug has inserted with sealant.

New 2nd core plug has inserted with sealant.

De gasketed on the intake flange and moved the wiring loom, ready for more cleaning.

03/05/12 Carbon fibre vinyl wrapped on the charcoal canister.

21/05/12 Got back from Matla break, removed engine covers and clean all the rubber tubes.

22/05/2012 The ECU wiring harness before clean.

After cleaned and re taped.

23/05/12 Air con pump, starter motort and rear strut bar re fitted.

Cleaning and degreasing the engine covers.

24/05/12 After many many weeks waiting, the C&E 386 form has arrived.

27/05/12 Alternator, new oil filter and cable convoluted conduit fitted.

29/05/12 New fuel breath pipe has arrived.

Proper fuel pipe rather than original plastic pipe.

Near side new fuel breath pipe fitted.

Off side new fuel breath pipe fitted.

Near side trim panel re fitted.

Off side trim panel re fitted.

31/05/12 Coil pack and air con pipes re fitted. Cleaned and waxed the engine panels.

Rear window fabric trim re fitted.

07/06/2012 Removed 4 x spark plugs, it has been running rich, due to lack of use.

Degreased again for touch up chips of the paint on the surface and custom made the gasket.

08/06/2012 Re assembled the intake system.

09/06/2012 New engine covers, intake manifold gasket and O rings arrived.

10/06/12 Cleaned the old dirty spark plugs for now, will fit new set in the future.

Cleaned the lower engine head surface and applied with gasket sealant.

The gasket fitted on the lower engine head surface.

Cleaned the lower engine cover surface and applied with gasket sealant.

Finally bolted the lower engine cover to the engine.

Sorted out all the coolant pipes, re fitted the charcoal canister, spark plugs & HT leads.

15/06/12 Re fitted air box, engine cover and chargecooler.

Check Garrett turbo - it is in nearly new condition, no play and no oil leak.

New 10w60 racing oil and Anti freeze coolant.

1.5 liter's oil ready to put into engine.

Fresh oil pouring in to engine.

Re fitted vacuum pump, coolant header tank and induction pipe. Engine re started!

30/08/13 Cleaned chassis & suspension - NSF wheel area.

OSF wheel area.

NSR wheel area.

OSR wheel area.

19/02/14 Tidy and clean under the bonnet.

20/02/14 Druing tidy process - we discovered there is water in NS headlight pod buckets.

Not sure about OS, therefore we removed all the light to exam.

OS is in good condition and luckily we discovered earlier - NS rust is re workable.

After good cleaned the head lamps - they all in great condition, not bad for 18years old.