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......Ex UPA Demo Automobile - Impreza WRX









This Impreza WRX has always been a demo/show car since it was registered on the road late 2000. The first owner was Ex Subaru dealer (Jordans) of Hull . From 2002 it has been our demo/show car. Just done nearly over 15000 miles.

Standard engine 218BHP and 5 speed gearbox.

* Genuine Apexi Hayabusa after cat stainless exhaust system. (Very rare - stop production by Apexi)
* Genuine Apexi Powerintake with Carbon Fibre finished airbox.
* Genuine SARD R2D2 dump valve.
* Genuine STI fog lamp covers.
* Genuine Subaru headlight protecting cover.
* Genuine STI front spoiler. (PANTHER BLACK)
* Genuine Subaru rear diffuser. (PANTHER BLACK on corner skirts)
* Genuine Oricari side skirt. (PANTHER BLACK)
* Genuine Oricari bumper vents.
* Genuine STI bonnet scoop.
* Genuine ZEROSPORT front grill.
* Genuine ZEROSPORT Carbon spoiler raiser.
* Genuine STI pink stars badge.
* Genuine Impreza WRX pink rear badge.
* Genuine Apexi rear badge.
* Genuine Cusco front strut brace.
* Full "Ultimate Performance" Japanese graphic.
* Special colour coded wheel.
* New Tein 40mm lower spring fitted by Subaru dealer.
* New EBC front red stuff brake pad fitted.
* New front Pagid grooved disc fitted.
* 4 tyres have only been used for few hundred miles.
* Colour coded side mirror.
* Tinted headlight, front and side indicator.
* Armourfend plastic protective coating on the front end of car and wing mirror.

When ever possible ALL genuine STI/Apexi/ZEROSPORT/Subaru parts have been fitted, with some that have not been available on the market. We have done the most of cosmetic stage and also keep car as nearly showroom condition. Sold it at 08/03/2013. End our 11 years ownership.