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Through our Cotgrave Workshop - UPAUTO not just can make your cars more powerful and faster, we also can provide an full servicing for any vehicles. We have fully qualified mechanics who have more than over 20 years of experience in the motor industry and repair all makes of cars and light commercial vehicles.

All services are carried out to manufacturer’s guidelines or tailored to your own requirements.  We offer all customers professional workmanship and pride themselves on personal attention combined with our quality control scheme; this ensures they are committed to 100% customer satisfaction with UPAUTO.

Our 1 hour labour charge i£40 + VAT and 0.5 labour charge is £20 + VAT

Four service options:

  • Interim service: 1 hour labour with safety check + oil and oil filter change. This is base on 4 cylinder engines.
  • Full service: 2 hour labour with safety check + air filter, oil filter, oil and spark plug. (Fuel filter is optional). This is base on 4 cylinder engines.
  • Any necessary services / repairs follow by manufacture hand book: costs are depending on what works need to be carrying on.
  • Cam belt change service: Please call for the quote.
  • ECU fault diagonse service: Please click "Here" for more information.

What do we do for the safety check ?

  • Full Lighting check ( exterior and interior ).

  • Check and lubricate hinges, catches and locks.

  • Check operation of front and rear safety belts.

  • Check battery level and top up.

  • Check condition of battery terminals.

  • Check condition of battery charge .

  • Check and top up front and rear washer bottles.

  • Check coolant levels.

  • check all brakes.

  • Check brake fluid levels.

  • Check front and rear windscreen wipers.

  • Visually check hoses, pipes and lines for condition and leaks.

  • Check condition and tension of auxiliary drive belts.

  • Visually check steering and suspension for wear.

  • Check for condition of exhaust.

  • Check and adjust tyre pressures.

  • Check condition and depth of tyres - including spare.

  • Road test.

  • Reset service indicator (where applicable).