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Import Japanese Car Parts

UPAUTO can help you to import special new or used performace / standard car parts from Japan. We deal with all the major performance part makes for Japanese sport cars - such as HKS, Blitz, APEXi, SARD, TRD, D.speed, STI or Ralliart etc. FTO D.speed repeater please click "Here".

UPAUTO only will special order for customer with 50% deposit paid in front. Delivery time will be up to 28 days, once the order has been made. If the parts are out of stock - customer will be notified before the order is taken.

Import Japanese Used Cars

We have a Japanese agency who can arrange everything required for you to be able to select a sport car at a Japanese car auction and privately have it imported into the UK. Please bear in mind, UPAUTO only will import a speical / unquie sport car into UK for customers.

As the Japanese yen has gone up double (Still going up) compare to British Pound last 10 years. The used Japanese cars are not cheap to import. UPAUTO will only charge 15% commison charge per car on Japanese price and customer will need to pay rest of import costs. More detail please contact us.